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Custom and Specialized Solutions For All Your HVAC/R Needs

We provide a wide range of custom and specialized services to meet your exact installation and maintenance needs. View photos of our past work.

Custom Solutions
Sometimes a standard service is not ideal. The talented technicians of MC Mechanical Services Inc are equipped to provide customized HVAC solutions in the following areas:

  • Design layout

  • Consulting

  • Full engineering support

  • Custom sheet metal and installation

  • Indoor air quality testing

  • Air balancing

  • Energy management

Maintenance and Inspection Work
When we perform maintenance or an inspection for you, our technicians will:

  1. Remove the burner section and clean, adjust and reset all components including the pilot to restore efficiency and ensure equipment reliability.

  2. Grease and oil all moving parts such as motor bearings, shafts, etc., and adjust belt tension, pulleys, sheaves and alignment.

  3. Test and adjust all safety and operating limits pertaining to the safe operation of the equipment, including inspecting stacks, chimneys, heat exchangers, the venter assembly and the gas supply.

  4. Check all refrigerant as well as the oil pressure and level; check the crank case heater, vibration eliminators and refrigerant filter dryers; check the condition of drains, evaporator and condenser coils, including motor current readings, and all operating safety controls.

  5. Inspect all electrical connections, contactors, relays and terminal blocks.

  6. Check all equipment and provide you with a complete report of the general condition of the equipment.

To get a free estimate for services, please contact us.


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